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General information

What is a patent for Utility Model?

Patent is protecting document, certifying a priority, authorship and monopoly exclusive use of its owner to exploit of utility model, which relates to IP subject matters.

What is understood as a utility model?

Patent Law of the KR defines utility model as a device. Utility models are devices in both the production and domestic purposes. This is usually the production apparatus, parts thereof, the arrangement of products. The utility model protects the shape and location of parts of the product, if they perform technical functions.

What is the object of a utility model?

Utility models are generally are recognized as devices similar to inventions, but their technical level does not permit to recognize as such. This makes it possible to provide legal protection almost anyone, even a very simple new device, regardless of the presence or absence of its inventiveness.
The following signs characterize utility models:
• availability of structural elements;
• the link between elements;
• relative positioning of elements;
• embodiment of elements or devices in general, in particular, a geometric shape;
• embodiment of connections between the elements;
• parameters and other characteristics of the elements and their relationship;
• the material from which the elements are made and the whole device, the environment that performs the function of the element.